These courses have been designed to be integrative across all healthcare disciplines and whole-person care related from evidenced-based research. Using highly specialized computerized equipment to provide detailed cross-sectional images of the human body to help with diagnosis and treatment of patients. The AGNP program emphasizes preventative care for patients 12 years of age and older. The Radiologist Assistant Program at Loma Linda University will be one of the premier radiologist assistant programs in the nation—home to a program that students will want to attend. Ronald McDonald House . This program emphasizes "field-based" studies that generally address questions of "ecological" relevance such as animal biology and marine sciences. Dietetics, Nutrition Program may be completed in three years of full-time study. Loma Linda Health Center 11360 Mountain View Ave Hartford Building, Suite A Loma Linda, CA 92354 Phone: 909-558-6050 Fax: 909-558-6051 This 78-unit program emphasizes the biopsychosocial-spiritual approach to advanced clinical social work practice in behavioral health institutions and agencies. Endodontist in private practice, dental education, or in a hospital setting. See Medicine in program drop down. Most degree courses are approved for continuing education credit. .sz-feedback-textarea:-ms-input-placeholder { /* IE 10+ */ Career titles are: Clinical Dietitian, Management Dietician, Emergency Nutrition Advisor, Urban Health, and Nutrition Manager, The majority of RDs work in the treatment and prevention of disease (administering medical nutrition therapy, often part of medical teams) in hospitals, HMOs, private practice or other health-care facilities. 34 % Receiving Pell Grants .

Administrative positions in various healthcare settings.  Examples of positions include:

, 15 months (full-time) or 24 months (part-time),

The School of Public Health offers a Master of Health-Care Administration (M.H.A.) Agents such as heat, light, electricity, water exercise, and massage are used. traditional (on campus), B.S. Some areas of specialization are: animal behavior, animal physiology, molecular systematics, ecological physiology, behavioral ecology, conservation biology, marine biology, and paleontology. (on campus and online), PB certificate (on campus and online), M.S. The Environmental Sciences Program prepares students for entry-level jobs in environmental sciences or GIS fields. We look forward to the possibility of having you join the School of Nursing. The students will be competent in analyzing the health of a patient population and understanding the social, environmental, and biological determinants of health in that population. They are also expected to gain adequate experience in pedagogy. Dietitians and Nutritionists work in hospitals, nursing care facilities, outpatient care centers, cafeterias offices of physicians, and non-profit organizations. Its diverse and safe learning environment will contribute to promoting Loma Linda University as one of the state's economic and cultural centers. The goal is preparing participants for success in leadership positions that have major influence on policies, programs, and the public health system.


University professors, positions requiring leadership, scholarship, effective communication, systems thinking and community building, mid-level positions within private and government health care organizations, health-related non-profits

. 2) ESIR/DR Training Pathway. P: 909-558-1000. MS, Counseling with MS, Marital and Family Therapy with School Counseling Certificate Leaps & Bounds Newsletter. The Department of Psychology is committed to the highest levels of excellence in all aspects relevant to graduate education in psychology and meets all of the APA standards of accreditation for graduate programs. Public and private schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, short-term and long-term nursing care facilities, community clinics, colleges and universities, private practice offices, state and local health departments, state and federal government agencies, home health agencies (home care), adult day care centers, centers for persons with developmental disabilities, research laboratories. Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer (RDCS). Dietitians and nutritionists help people by scientifically evaluating their diets and suggesting diet modifications to prevent and treat illnesses by promoting healthful eating habits. The cytotechnologist, working under the direction of a pathologist, examines cells under the microscope for early signs of cancer and other diseases. This event is designed to give incoming students an overview of the research performed at Loma Linda University as well as to provide a forum for faculty to share their research and foster collaborations among the research groups. Loma Linda University Medical Center is pleased to offer a Transitional Year residency program, helping to fulfill our wholistic health mission through facilitating the training of physicians who share our vision. In addition, a large number of RDs work in community and public health settings and academia, and research. Clinical Social Worker, Psychiatric Social Worker, Medical Social Worker, Child and Family Social Worker, Geriatric Social Worker, Hospice Social Worker, Forensic Mental Health Social Worker, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Worker, Community Social Worker, Healthcare Administrator, Public Health Administrator, Research Social Worker, and Social Work Educator. .sz-feedback-border-radius { The Master of Science in Counseling is designed to give students a broad academic background in mental health counseling and professional training for a wide variety of careers working with individuals, families, and groups. Applications accepted for fall, winter, spring and summer starts. This program emphasizes "field-based" studies that generally address questions of "ecological" relevance such as animal biology and marine sciences. You’ll work in various clinical … 3-4 years full-time; up to 7 years part time. Specialties are available in Family Studies (non-clinical) and Couple and Family Therapy (clinical). The PTA program at Loma Linda University.  Part-time study is available, and courses are offered to accommodate working nurses. In the private sector, graduates may seek jobs in environmental consulting firms, foundations, and organizations. The Doctor of Public Health degree in health policy and leadership at Loma Linda University provides a unique and wonderful opportunity to serve at the very heart of the intersection of leadership and policy. A four to five year program leading to the PhD degree in either Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, Pharmacology or Physiology. The DMFT prepares graduates to systemically intervene and address mental health disparities at family and community levels. (5 yrs maximum allowed). This technology provides detailed fluoroscopic images of the human body, assisting physicians with quality patient diagnosis and treatment. .typography .find_a_program_row .program-header { B.S. Medical Scientist Program (MSP) of Loma Linda University aims to attract students who are passionate about biomedical research and want to make a significant contribution to this cause. Allows for the love of physics and mathematics to be incorporated in health care with a previous BS in physics. opacity: 1; font-family: 'Univers LT W01_45 Light1475944',Verdana,sans-serif; Individuals who may benefit from this program are practicing health professionals, such as physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, and psychologists; and students who are currently enrolled in clinical practice-related doctoral degrees (e.g., M.D., D.O., D.D.S., Pharm.D.). Notices. Loma Linda University Medical Center offers two accredited training pathways for those interested in interventional radiology: 1) Integrated IR/DR Residency. Sie ist Teil des Medical Centers der Loma Linda University. (RN to B.S. Graduates are prepared for administrative careers in health service organizations—including medical centers, health plans, physician groups and dental practices, and long-term and managed-care settings, among others.


Practice Administrator, Marketing Director, CEO, Manager of Physician Practice

, The Advanced Education Program in Implant Dentistry is a three-year program leading to the award of a First Professional Certificate and an optional Master of Science (MS) or Master of Science in dentistry (MSD) degree.

The DSW (Clinical Leadership) degree is a three-year full-time program (83 quarter units) and is designed to meet the needs of post-master's social work professionals desiring to advance their careers to become scholar-practitioners in the areas of clinical leadership and practice innovation.


Clinical leadership; upper administration in large public and community-based non-profit agencies; behavioral health research and evaluation; health care administration.


The Master of Social Work (MSW) is a 78-unit program emphasizing the biopsychosocial-spiritual approach to advanced clinical social work practice in behavioral health institutions and agencies. This program prepare graduates who demonstrate competence as public health nutrition and dietetic professionals, apply science-based evidence to practice, function independently as leaders and cooperatively as team members to promote health, undrerstand the contribution of vegetarian dietary practices to human and environmental well being. Areas of curricular strength and research emphasis include plant-based diets and the health of the individual, populations and the planet, nutritional epidemiology, diet and chronic disease risk reduction, and community nutrition.


Nutritional Consultant, University Professor, Nutrition Programming Director

. The program is designed to provide an advanced curriculum in nutrition, professional skills, and competencies required to support careers in teaching and research. The Master of Science in the Chaplaincy program is theological and clinical based chaplaincy education at Loma Linda University. Majors at Loma Linda University Plus Academic Programs & Fields of Study. border-radius: 4px !important; The Medical Radiography program helps prepare students for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) examination and to work as an X-Ray Technologist. Prepare students for professional nursing in acute and community settings through an education centered on whole person care while aiming to promote healing, empowerment, and transformation across the lifespan in individual lives, families, and communities. Students register for courses through the Office of University Records; but certificates are issued by the school, which maintains records of the certificates and their awarding. A growing number of RDs work in the food and nutrition industry, in business, journalism, sports nutrition, and corporate wellness programs. In addition, a large number of RDs work in community and public health settings and academia, and research. Thirty-six months in residence full time. Nutritionist or dietitian in hospitals, clinics, food services, or a personal business. They are academically prepared to conduct community assessments; design, implement, and evaluate health education interventions; organize health promotion efforts; and assist individuals and communities to better utilize techniques of health behavior change.
, Health Education, Wellness Coaching, Health Promotion, Life Coach, Health Coach Students whose interests are more narrowly focused within health or other basic sciences should refer to programs within the LLU Medical School. Graduates may pursue jobs in the public sector through local, state, and federal agencies such as U.S. CLS personnel are also employed by medical consulting firms, DNA technology and genetic engineering corporations, research laboratories, medical product development companies, and in health information management systems. Assistant Program Director: Kyle Cooper, MD, RPVI. The in health education is offered in two formats: on campus and online. During the time between the research symposium and the beginning of formal instruction, there will be an orientation session for new students. The Social Welfare and Social Research PhD is a 92 quarter unit academic program that promotes integrative and interdisciplinary research focusing on chronic social issues, social justice, implementation science, and global practice. The MS to DNP program allows nurses who already have a masters degree to achieve a doctoral degree. .sz-feedback-textarea::-moz-placeholder { /* Firefox 19+ */ Orthodontist in private practice treating pediatric and adult patients.

The majority of RDs work in the treatment and prevention of disease (administering medical nutrition therapy, often part of medical teams) in hospitals, HMOs, private practice or other health-care facilities. A great way to tie together business management, law, medicine, and computer science in the health care setting. Professional counselors assist clients in working through personal and emotional concerns such as anxiety, depression, adjustment problems, family stress, developmental transitions, crisis, trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence, medical problems, disability, education and career planning, personal loss, and grief. Graduates completing the requirements for the Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential may work as K-12 counselors in California public schools..

. The Loma Linda University, located in Southern California, blends faith and learning in an effort to continue the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ; to make man whole. Three letters of reference including: Spiritual leader, science professor and employer or professional. Graduates of the program are prepared for advanced administrative and research roles in national and international health and human services, policy development and analysis, and as university faculty. [CDATA[/* >