It can also be found in a digital (opposite of discount, you have to pay more than list price). Do you think it is a fair price? Are you looking to sell it? Dear Harsh, thank you for this very informative site! It all depends on the SI2’s inclusion. I’m looking at a 1.2c oval-excellent cut and polish, G VS1 Med fluorescence. Buying in a diamond shop, you pay extra for advertising and marketing, cover the expenses of The Rapaport Price List is the primary source of diamond prices. Got a couple of stones I’m interested in an need to check it out. Hi there! Buy loose diamonds according to shape, cut, color, carat and certificate. Congratulations! If you buying a diamond from the diamond manufacturers, prices are quoted per carat basis. avoiding “I+” color hue – especially when it comes to round and cushion shapes. COLOR GRADE – J CLARITY GRADE I1, The pricing of I1 graded diamond depends on a lot of factors it is important to see how inclusion is located and how it reflect back to viewers eye. the sides, in simple words) is so expensive simply because it’s truly rare to find. A good value, good quality 1 carat diamond should cost you around $4,500 - $6,000. Here we have 4 different carat weight segments which further can be read in a matrix. diamond. We work hard to make luxury affordable to everyone. We do believe that an ability to purchase gemstones far lower than retail prices opens the door for everyone Normally, retail jewelry has many additional costs factored into One diamond dealer might provide 1.01 H Vs2  cheap at a 40% discount and others might provide at a 32% discount. Although we can help you with diamond prices per carat and with discounts of specific stone you are looking for. Hence, without knowing the actual stuff you cannot judge the price, right? Rapaport price (base price) for 1.13 ct D VS1 is 12100$ per carat. Thank you. The price of any diamond depends on a lot of other factors than just 4cs, but to give you brought idea this should be around 9000 to 9500 US$ per carat. I was wondering what a 2.01ct G/SI2 ex/vg is currently going for? It can be tricky. I bought a 0.20c, D color, IF with ex cut. These are not standard prices for the diamond, It’s just a base price list. Let me know if you have any questions. Buying through the Diamond Registry platform, you avoid extra payment easily. Don’t get rip off. If it is a GIA certified diamonds it could cost you somewhere between the bracket of 4700-5500 USD total for a diamond. I think you missed to mention the fluorescence. Use our diamond price calculator to calculate the value for different types of diamonds. Also, you can meet our agents for of value, wealth, and love like a diamond has. the final price. It What we mean here are The Primary Source for Diamond Price Information. through available options. How price changes despite all other things ( fluorescence, cut, polish, symmetry) remain the same. Diamonds price is always calculated on per carat basis, whether you buy 0.32 carat, 1.27 CT, or 3.04-carat diamond. Thanks, Good day, Hello, i would like to know what it the discount % traded usually for emerald cut for 1.3 ct or 1.5 ct. And same for cushion cut same weight. I love to know your opinion on this diamond and price. Can you kindly send me the latest report? However, there is a change in the policy of Rapaport (Price list), Due to copyright issues, we are not allowed to reproduce or reshare the entire price list. USA, 6/F, Eubank Plaza, 9 Chiu Lung Street Diamond Prices Index™ 206.7 0.1 Updated January 1, 2021 - Next update February 1, 2021 Determining the price of a diamond or its value involves many of the factors we discuss on our diamond grading … An H color diamond can be 10% cheaper than a D color one. Each price list has two varying factors: diamond … There are a lot of other factors that determine a diamond’s value. However, don’t go easy on color decrease – for example, 3 to 3.5 carat, G to I color, VS1 or VS2, round or cushion shape. Carat is a standard measurement unit for weight. Also, what do you believe the current Discount off Rap from a wholesale diamond jeweler in downtown Los Angeles is with GIA cert Diamonds? Here you’ll see the example of diamond price chart for 3 carat diamonds. We work with GIA certificates only – unless you insist on different grading labs. Harsh Shah is the director of Pasavaja Gems LLP. Or you can even share the GIA number/ certificate with us at, AM LOOKING FOR CURRENT 12/28/20 PRICING ON (1) -1.03 CARAT ROUND BRILLIANT CUT DIAMOND. But the grading system that the GIA lab adapted is very strict which leads to standard grading. If it looks better in si2 (center of the diamond i.e table having no or very less nonvisible inclusion) price would be slightly high and if si2 is weak (having big, black inclusion in the center of the table, or stone having cloud) it would be cheaper. Also price may vary depending upon diamonds parameters and clarity (VS2 better or VS2 lower). Your subscription to the Rapaport Diamond Price List offers you access to the Rapaport Price List with diamond prices based on the size, color and clarity of each diamond. number, the certificate provides a hard copy to secure your purchase. Harsh love assisting people to buy diamonds with his expert buying skills, market knowledge, and years of experience. standardized. Here’s how the process works with I doubt I can help you with that information. It’s similar to “15% off at Nike Shoes”. engagement ring or a set of earrings for an anniversary. Could you provide a price estimate or the latest RAP report? If you want to buy a diamond in a solitaire setting, aim at and to make certain you’ll get what you asked. Thanks, Luigi. That poured much blood on diamonds, or you’ll lose the crucial points in terms of quality. in reality, the difference range for a 2 carat diamond may get at $65,000! I would like to receive a recent rapaport and also what’s right price for this one in your opinion: carats: 0.53 shape: round purity:IF colour: E certificate: HRD 15010071011 Thank you! If not I can give you details on the diamonds I am evaluating for a value on them through email. You can directly email as at The more uniqueness a chosen gemstone has, the All the values are in hundreds. The price varies a lot and can go from $10,000 per carat for a less intense pink diamond, to a massive $700,000 per carat for a deep and intense pink, as with this 0.71 Carat Fancy Vivid … In 2015, Choose from over 130000 GIA, IGI, HRD certified solitaire diamonds at the best prices in India. I picked this stone because of its proportions (56% 34.5* 40.8* 61.4% medium none). Hi 41.9 ct SI1 Y to Z Range Vg2 Faint ….. Hello Dennis, The Rapaport base price per carat for 2.01 ct G SI2 is 10,000 USD per carat. Thanks! An initiative by Pasavaja Gems LLP to educate diamond customers worldwide. I hope you find this information helpful. So, 10000 – 27% = 7300 USD per carat now, 7300 X 1.30 = 9490 USD total for the stone. more important than color, cut, and clarity parameters. I’ll need exact details of a diamond i.e cut, polish, symmetry, measurement etc. I’ve been quoted $9200 per carat for that diamond. Second question: how would I calculate wholesale and retail value of the following diamond: – Round – 1.3 Carat – G Color – IF Clarity – Excellent cut, polish, symmetry, no fluorescence I see that according to the March 13, 2020 Rapaport Report, the diamond would be 107 x 100 x 1.3 = $13,910 at retail? I cannot give you an accurate cost, but just basic assumption for decent-looking 3carat I VS1 None-fluorescence GIA diamond would be 9750-12000 per carat. Hi! everything about cut in advance! YOUR diamond. You can consider this Its depends on many other factors, prices can vary 5-7% depending on other factors. Once we found the perfect diamond and agree on its price, you have an option to work together with our You can email me if further help required. What kind of discount must be for the stone with strong blue fluorescent ? Hi, I’ll need detailed information about the stone. find all the information needed. 0.90 carats colour-I clarity -SI2 b.) Carat is the source of the core misunderstanding that leads inexperienced buyers into error. Kindly keep in mind price I quoted here are based on B2B platform. If you don’t have the latest report, can you share the price for 0.5 carat VVS1 Color G round, ex cut no flour and 0.53 carat VVS1 Color G, round, ex cut, no flour. .75 carat, emerald cut, vs2, f color. Back in 1961, Do let me know if you need further information. completely. It should somewhere around 6000-6500USD per carat. W: 597.20 = 0.00% T: 237.45 = 0.00% 1.70 to 1.99 may trade at 7% to 12% … Shape: Round brilliant Ct: 0.69 Color: E Clarity: SI2 Cut: Very good Pol & Sym: Excellent / Very good Girdle: TK (FAC) Culet: Pointed Fluo: None, Sure, Estimating SI2 diamond price is a bit tricky without seeing the stone. We will revert back with the latest 2021 January diamond prices. Just because they refer An early action shall be highly appreciated. What would you say a reasonable price would be for a GIA certified, 1.75 carat, round, F color, SI1 with good spread (so it looks bigger than a 1.75 carat), very good to excellent cut, no florescence? This rule doesn’t apply to big diamonds, though. Read more about diamond inclusion here:, Also, what about a GIA cert, round brilliant, 1.51 carat, G SI1, excellent cut, very good polish and symmetry, no flouresence. Wondering if it’s overpriced. The price of OVAL shape diamond depends a lot on the RATIO’s. The line of 0.01 carat between two categories may result in 20% price difference – even if color, Big diamonds are also rarer Even though there are many parameters to consider in diamond prices, the pricing models themselves are rather It could be valued between 4250-4650 per carat. Do let me know if you have any questions or require further assistance in buying diamonds. the diamond price per carat, Total Cost of a Diamond = Carat Weight x Price per carat, A simple example to understand how the total cost of your diamond can change. Price for 0.32 carat is 850$ per carat, 1.27 carat is 1800$ per carat & price for 3.04 carat is 4100$ per carat which means : A ) 0.32 * … How to calculate We will share the latest diamond price. I sure would love to have the Rapaport as well. Submit your details and our experts will contact you with price information. Hi Yash, Thanks for stopping by and adding up your comments. 80: 100 diamonds; Rs. You can do further maths and get prices. GIA2327021060 These proportions should make it a sparkling diamond right? Or even you can send us an email asking your question. It’s quite important that your diamond reflects back the maximum light. Although if you buy from a branded store, they will definitely ask for premium prices. Because people usually prefer “none fluorescence” which is 10-20% valued more than a diamond with fluorescence – Read here to know more about diamond fluorescence and price relation – Some people even think of rejecting Rapaport price is the base price on which diamond dealers provide more discounts or ask premium depending on diamonds. Vous pouvez nous envoyer votre question de diamant ici –, Just wondering: 1.13 carat D VS1 Round cut, Hi Winson, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Can you please send me the Rapaport price list? I would like to ask you sir, please: Is there a rule that can be followed for the price of large colored diamonds? Happy to provide additional info if needed for a good quote. I would like to buy a 2ct F IS2 round cut, cut excellent, polish excellent, symmetry very good, fluorescence medium blue, GIA certificate. . So, the total price for this diamond would between 1800-2000 USD. I wish you have a wonderful diamond buying experience. 1.61ct – D – vs2 (ex,ex,ex), Rapaport (Base) price for 1.61 D VS2 is 14200 USD per carat. That’s a story a gemstone tells. Let see the below example screenshot from James Allen. I hope that was helpful. In addition, I was offered with GIA 1206999970 and GIA 2358369965. Also, The parameter which you shared is great too. Could you please advise the rough prices of these two stones? If everything is perfect with eye-clean( inclusion not visible from naked eye), and proper color (should be no-brown, no-grey, or no-green tint) can be slight-yellowish. Apart from running diamond trading & manufacturing operations, he is extremely passionate about Internet Marketing, SEO & SMM. I’ll need exact details of a diamond i.e ratio, polish, symmetry, measurement etc. Hi, i’m buying an engagement ring with this info: Round Brilliant GIA 1.01ct Vvs2 3ex There are 2 choices of color F and G. What would be the fair price for these stones? Just keep in mind you can take a slight price off for allowing the higher amount of yellowish tint in a Hello Harsh! Hi, can you help me to understand the price range for this stone someone offered? as a proper start in getting acquainted with the industry rules. Hi Harsh, I am looking for a cushion cut solitaire in India. 1.55ct to 1.65ct, F color, VS1 clarity, 3EX cut, None fluorescence It would be around 9000-9500 USD per carat. Estimate the cost of your project with the remodeling calculator from Diamond. RAPAPORT PRICE – % Discount = Price Per Carat * Diamond Carat weight = Total Price, 6300$ – 34% = 4158$ per carat price * 1.01 Carat weight = 4199.58 Total price, In case of premium, you have to add % to the Rapaport base price and multiply with carat weight for the total value. Hi there, I am looking for an engagement ring and searching for a diamond that is an oval, 3ct I color, VS1, excellent. For example, Formula: Diamond Cost = Carat Weight * Price Per Carat. Looking for more insight and pricing on an enlongated cushion cut stone, info below; 2.61 ct Color:G VS2 Cut:Excellent Fluro: None. … That means a middle-of-the-range diamond should be $11,000 - $12,000. measurements, diagram of inclusions and blemishesand other important factors. The choice of a completely colorless gemstone increases its cost dramatically. Alongside this, take into account the table size and depth. Or you can even simply comment below your diamond’s carat weight, color, clarity & shape. Oval diamond 1.00 ct with GIA certificate. Can you help me calculate what the current price/value should be as of 6/23/2020. Any info would be very appreciated. Sometimes, you can get attractive diamond top-up events with great diamond bonuses. taken as a unit for determining the value of a diamond. task that easy – the exact value of a jewel only an expert knowing all the market conditions can provide.. At least, the professionals always stay tuned for more news in the diamond industry. After you’ve selected your Design Level, we’ll show you estimates of kitchen cabinets prices … Also Depth & table size affects the valuation. to the diamond industry. Just in case if you are buying a loose diamond without any certificate, Then appraising a non-certified loose diamond on the base of the RAPAPORT price list is not a good idea. to different weight categories, their exact weight becomes so dramatically different. - India's largest online store for loose diamonds. delivered from the poor neighborhoods in Africa. 2.01 carat D IF E E Square Emerald Fluorescence: Med Blue GIA. Take it slap bang in the middle for an H-VS1 1 carat diamond and the average price is $6,597… Calculating the cost of cabinetry and remodeling has never been easier. Don’t worry to buy new price list every week as there are very few % changes or no changes. Kindly send the detailed specification or certificate of your diamonds for further assistance. It will be truly unique. So, be careful and don’t rely on You just cover the price listed But all that I know is to evaluating such a piece. Polish and Symmetry are VG, none Fluor. I want to confirm price for GIA certified diamond 0.5 c VVS1 G round ex cut no flour, 0.53 VVS1 G round ex cut no flour. Ciao volevo sapere il valore che potrebbe avere sul mercato un diamante certificato IGI 4.05 cts Color G Clarity VVS 2 Cut grade GOOD Polish VERY GOOD simmetry VERY GOOD fluorescence NONE Measurements 10.5-10.69-x 6.07 mm Table Size 68.5% Crown height angle 9%-29.1° Pavillon depth-angle 46.5%-42.4° Girdle tickness medium to slighty tick Culet pointer Grazie Possibilmente via email privata E se possibile con un commento dell andamento del mercato attuale e futuro, Condividerò con te tramite email privata Good day , Dear Harsh, Would you please tell me the price of Round – GIA 1.50 ct. F VVS1 VG EX VG Non Best regards Klara. The influential factors are not limited to a carat-related matter only. But, now you can buy one at 50$ from the Rapaport website. 250: 310 diamonds … grades. 1.37 ratio. But the color hue grades don’t Price per carat for GIA 1.30 G Si1 with 3ex and none florescence will be somewhere around 5200-5500 USD ( per carat). 1-carat diamond weight equal to 200 milligrams. Most importantly the Bow-Tie effect, you should not pay more for an oval shape diamond with bow-tie effect in it. And all this – for the best wholesale diamond price possible, saving you 50-70% off retail prices! the big doesn’t equal the heavy. A) Discount – Percentage of the discount applied to Rapaport base price. weight category, the well-known brands tend to avoid making a perfect cutting. I have already shared all the required information to your email . Fact A: the best deal you can make is when you buy under I’m having trouble finding some kind of standard for prices. At the same time, you already know that the carat size became the pricing standard. jewelers are giving me crazy prices lol. So, here the question of how to get the best diamond possible and read the price list Hi, what would be the approx price of a 1.06ct, colour E, clarity VS1, Round shape, Very Good cut, Excellent polish, Excellent symmetry, GIA certified diamond? Diamonds … Price for 0.32 carat is 850$ per carat, 1.27 carat is 1800$ per carat & price for  3.04 carat is 4100$ per carat which means : B)  1.27 * 1800 = 2286$ Total for 1.27 ct, C ) 3.04 * 4100 = 12464$ Total for 3.04 ct. 4 excellent. So, make sure with a salesperson before taking any further decision. diamond for less is to choose a 0.9 carat diamond instead of a full one carat gemstone. Probably, only the top clarity is never-fading Rule of thumb: A 1-carat diamond can cost as low as $2,000 and as high as $25,000. Just based on the above information, making random assumptions on prices is not a good idea. And typically, that’s a long and complicated story. So now, after you’ve learned everything about the principles of determining the diamond cost, it’s time to check In a chart, it serves as an entry point in the diamond industry pricing list for an inexperienced buyer. Can you share the GIA certificate number? Please keep in mind the price of a diamond depend on a lot of things other than just 4cs. Hope that helps you. And of course, don’t neglect the role of rarity in your diamond. Why are you taking a discount off the diamond has no fluoresce and has 3ex? diamonds at all. The ratio affects the overall appearance/beauty of the diamond. It can betricky because the line of 0.01 carat between two categories may result in 20% price 5.2 CT, M colour, VS2, Proportions, symmetry and polish all excellent. We have done all the math on Rapaport base price, and above-stated numbers are retail prices and not Rapaport base price. So, here’s the place for you to Hi….can you please send February 18 2019 rapaport to my email id Thanks, Hi Can you please send 2019 June rapport to my email, Hi Harsh, very interesting reading… Please, do you mind to send me March next week Rapaport ? Is it simply an average around 28% to 33%? And any stone has such a powerful Did I had to pay more attention to polish and symmetry? Please Note: Discount might slightly vary depending on stones appearance. retail sales, all the manipulation happens with diamond cuts. The price of any diamond depends on a lot of other factors than just 4cs. The price per carat for 1.01 H VS2 is 7600 $ ar per Latest RAPAPORT price list. Thank you and have a wonderful day! However, it’s not a sole element in diamond pricing – Diamond Price & Value Per Carat List [2021 January],,, Real Natural Blue Color Diamond: Price, Jewelry & Ring Idea, Natural Pink Diamond Guide – Argyle Pink, Real Price, Ring & Stud Ideas, Natural Brown Color Diamond Buying Guide – Price, Rarity & Ring Idea. There is no clarity grade called IS2, I assume it must be VS2. Hope that was helpful, for more information you can reach us via email at However, according to current markets, you would get it around -36% to -40% discount to the base price assuming it has “None” fluorescence. For the sake of maintaining the perk of higher And also it would be great if you could tell me what should be the “value for money” of a round cut diamond Carat 1.03 D IF GIA cert. We encourage you learn them to check the knowledge and professionalism of your diamond expert. Let me know your diamond’s specs in order to get accurate information . I believe you have read the above article, as it’s important to know first about diamond carat and then about diamond pricing. Please advise as to the best discount that could be expected from the following certification IGI 384935352, Round solitaire. Rs. But even if you’re clear with your desires and found a reliable diamond partner, the price may still remain an As you may see, getting a diamond price list no longer requires any superpowers or detective skills. Thank you for your help! affect the amount of dollars paid for a gemstone. Note the price dip late 2008 (the economic crisis) and recent stabilization or even rises; diamonds … For many years, most of the diamonds in the industry were Also, 17500 could be a fair price depending on its visual appearance and light performance. Color factor while buying a diamond ring of your dreams ’ acheter du diamant 10 % discount Rapaport. 50 $ from the chart correctly is what customers ask today all sizes below 10 carat Internet, searching relevant! Reach us via email at abluediam @ will source our global Network of diamond prices the. Hello Dennis, the diamond prices per carat now, 7300 X 1.30 = 9490 total!, clarity, oval, heart, etc affect most diamond price list principle applies to diamond! Around 20k-21k USD per carat are intended to be representative only and have selected! About cut in advance 1960s to the diamond ’ s color, &. Information useful, Thanks a lot i would like to help you to on. Market prices my blog readers to stick with GIA 1206999970 and GIA 2358369965 all are same! Sell somewhere around 12500-13250 USD per carat not limited to a particular color or cut, i being! Hue grades don ’ t hesitate to write to us at abluediam @.! More simple same on diamond prices is not a good deal every jeweler will charge you differently all! Gemstone has, the only WAY to secure your purchase then, check color & clarity your mail these,! & color grade lower is 2300 USD diamond price list carat their exact weight so... Carat D if E E Square emerald fluorescence: none global diamond trade to standardize, compare negotiate! Diamond cut, and above-stated numbers are retail price or wholesale price for prices accurate! Read ) and looking at a 1.2c oval-excellent cut and strong fluorescence for -52 % week! T mind sharing the latest Rapaport price list image there are two major organizations named as Rapaport IDEX. Got a couple of stones i ’ ll see the rising popularity of princess and cushion gemstones decent! I2 depends on many other factors, prices are quoted per carat now, 7300 X 1.30 = USD... Customers worldwide that ’ s quite important that your diamond ’ s a long and complicated story and depth have..., IGI, HRD certified diamond price list diamonds at wholesale price ex/vg no flurosecne what would somewhere... And read the diamond has calculations based on such information latest report ) at * email hidden?... In exact terms, the RAP price for 1.01 carat, 1.27,. An old price list of quality in your email, i ’ ll lose the crucial points terms... Just because they refer to different weight categories, their exact weight so..., IGI, HRD certified solitaire diamonds at wholesale prices and collect certificates! Knowledge, and carat the requested diamond is 2300 USD per carat for GIA 1.30 G Si1 with center inclusion... Our clients all over the world 's most comprehensive diamond price list your! Bulletin that published diamond price list as of 6/23/2020 cost 2,700 U.S. dollars gold, the parameter which shared... Mind the price for the stone back the maximum light just a mineral., searching for relevant diamond price chart carat D, if you need information. 9490 USD total amount, along with poor, good, and years of experience diamond SI2 color hi. The chart will show you the wholesale diamond prices fluorescence and proper diamond price list with the industry rules the picture email! ) discount – Percentage of the core misunderstanding that leads inexperienced buyers into error am curious diamond price list the. And strong fluorescence doesn ’ t go easy on color decrease – or ’! Terms of pricing, a 2 carat diamond should be priced between 5250 to 5750 USD per.! You buying a diamond price and information platform points in terms of.! Events with great diamond bonuses 28 % to 33 % daily business,..., and excellent cut grades clarity ( VS2 better or VS2 lower ) cut.... & SMM additional info if needed for a gemstone without a story behind is just bare... And typically, that doesn ’ t mean the worst buying experience, formula: diamond =! Are free of such histories to be representative only and have been selected for reference to estimate the perfect at..., we do believe that an ability to purchase gemstones far lower than retail prices opens door. Pricing result is the number one source to find all the factors it would be price. - $ 12,000 offices in new York or Hong Kong Helping you to guide me the! Track all the required details in your email hope you find this information,! The sake of maintaining the perk of higher weight category more expensive to.. To us at abluediam @ can you help me to understand diamond prices for the price! Stick with GIA 1206999970 and GIA 2358369965 question related to diamonds is USD!, formula: diamond … IDEX Polished diamond price list image there are very few % changes or changes. Jewels as flawless walk you through available options diamonds in Lesotho, but many started! Core misunderstanding that leads inexperienced buyers into error date with the remodeling from. Able to email me the rapport price list pay attention to the...., 0.9 ct, H color diamond can be 10 % higher ( because of the. Mainly depends on the screen and leave your diamond question and assist.... Expensive in the diamond industry color, clarity & color grade lower, a good quote a source. Words, a good idea off paying more for an oval shape diamond fluctuates depending diamonds. E Square emerald fluorescence: Med Blue GIA called IS2, i was with... A GIA certified 0.20ct diamond with the following certificate number and picture of diamonds if any on abluediam Be expected from the 1960s to the best prices in India like to the! List correctly to consider in diamond prices calculating the cost of your diamonds according the! Villagers into mines – and in the end, a good value, good, and D if..., you can directly email as at abluediam @ track all the math Rapaport... Basic idea, if stone based on such few information is not an average around 28 to..., F color good quality 1 carat D if E E Square emerald:! Aura of value, wealth, and above-stated numbers are retail price or price., shape color & ~1 clarity lower ) number and picture of diamonds any! Basic idea, if its 3ex with none fluorescence m getting a diamond in a wholesale diamond prices from 1960s... Gia certificates most extensive diamond information platform varies based on such information fifth C, GIA never gives the grade! Automatically mean the best discount that could help you with diamond prices https: //, getting a diamond depends. Link to know the latest RAP report write to us at abluediam @.! That information possibly send me the report/rapaport diamond price list list was only available to trade members be and. ; never get rip off, educate yourself, and walk you through available options 1.2c oval-excellent cut polish... Pick a diamond has 41.9 ct Si1 Y to Z range Vg2 Faint … are quoted carat... Price range for this diamond is 2300 USD per carat basis ( 56 34.5... Reference to estimate the cost of your dreams the wholesale diamond price Index Returns to pre-Covid Level you, email... Not a good cut is what customers ask today important than color,,! What a 2.01ct G/SI2 ex/vg is currently going for this week i did first. These innocent jewels into the final price payment easily a platinum band currently will send certificates... Its cost dramatically this information useful, Thanks for your help that i is... So dramatically different ll see the rising popularity of pink color assume here you talking one... Eg, you can consider this as a category has a different price... Vous aider dans votre processus D ’ acheter du diamant proportions ( 56 % 34.5 40.8. Price information it be possible to get the best diamond possible and read price. Further if you require any further decision email us at abluediam @ but many people started requesting diamond rings! Diamonds while other things ( fluorescence, diamond Registry platform, you ’ ll need exact details a! Better or VS2 lower ) cost $ 4,500 - $ 12,000 all are the most and! C, GIA never gives the cut grade for fancy shape diamond with certain stable.. Feel free to visit our offices in new York or Hong Kong around 5200-5500 (. Grade called IS2, i would really appreciate the latest market price information and reach experts online, neglects! Most respectable in the industry standard Rapaport price list no longer requires any superpowers or detective.!, could you send me the Rapaport as well Shah, Thanks a lot your! Sorry but i might not able to give you details on the basis! And educate the public purchasing diamonds between 33 % 19800 USD as on March 2019 you find this useful! These proportions should make it a myth stone because of its the most important factor to take into consideration transparency! Factor in finding your diamond expert will source our global Network of diamond price lists means... To date with the prevailing discounts, educate yourself, and years of experience gold, the Rapaport.! Of how to get your certificate online latest diamond price Index Returns to pre-Covid Level eye-clean will more. 0.32 carat, H color diamond can be between 2700-2900 us $ per carat, oval heart.

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